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Everyone loves a good story. The best stories usually revolve around a character wanting to achieve a goal or realize a dream and getting to walk in their shoes as they fight to make that a reality. If Edmond Dantès in Count of Monte Cristo never escaped prison would anyone care to read the rest? If Bilbo never left the shire it certainly wouldn’t have been a grand adventure. What happens when you can’t define what you want? Does the story stand still? It’s in pursuit of the goal that transformation and growth happens, right?

Not being able to define your dream feels a little like being a horse in a race and the starting gate never opens. You desire to run and live your passion but you feel like you can’t even start the race. Can you relate?

In a conversation I had with a mentor almost a decade ago I asked him what he’d do if he could do it all over again. His answer was simple. “I would figure out what I love, then find whoever in the world is doing that thing the best and sit in front of their office until they let me in.” I know this concept can be incredibly powerful, if only I knew what that passion was. Not all of life feels this way, my family/personal life is on point, and if I could only choose one I’d choose what I have every single day. I just know that from a vocational/professional standpoint there’s much more waiting more me.

This topic of discovering passion and finding a way to express that through the work you do has consumed my thoughts since I was trying to choose a major in college in 2008. It finally dawned on me that this topic itself may be the very passion I’ve been looking for.

When my wife was growing up she had a mentor who was a nurse. This woman inspired Betsy to consider what it would be like to work as a nurse and something about it resonated with Betsy. This passion didn’t inspire all my wife’s friends to become nurses, but something inside Betsy related with the love this mentor had for nursing, and through that experience she discovered her passion. Sometimes you just have to see someone love something to realize you might love it too.

As I’ve struggled to define my passion I’ve discovered a lot of useful habits and tools that I’ve acquired from mentors, experience, and a whole lot of frustration. I’m incredibly excited to start writing and making videos about this process. The hope is to bring stories to light that serve as clues and inspire us to live with more intentionality. I certainly have not arrived and don’t pretend to be the expert. But the journey is starting go get fun.

It would be a honor if you check back for more content if this topic interests you or someone you know!

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